2102020EU - REXEL Papiervernietiger Alpha SC

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Protect your confidential and valuable information from being stolen by shredding any documents that may put your personal information at risk from identity fraud. The Rexel Alpha shredder is designed to shred personal and home office business documents and has a S1 security level which means that it shreds everyday documents into strip cut particles (sized 7.2mm) making it ideal for regular shredding. By destroying hard copy
documents that contain your private information such as household bills, statements and receipts you can protect yourself from the fastest growing fraud in Europe.

The compact and stylish Alpha shredder can shred up to 5 sheets of 80gsm paper in a continuous feed as well as CD’s, credit cards, paperclips and staples due to the high performance steel cutters. It features a 10 litre large capacity easy to open waste bin that holds up to 30 sheets of shredded paper. The overheat protection function means that the thermostat detects when the shredder overheats and automatically goes into
cooling down mode for additional safety. It also features auto start, stop and reverse functions for ease of use. The Alpha is a quiet shredder (less than 68DBA) making the ideal choice for the home or home office.
Soort vernietiger Strip   Vewerkt paperclips Nee
Verwerkt nietjes Nee   Vernietigt CD's Nee
Papier versnipperen Ja   Credit cards versnipperen Ja
Vernietigt tot grootte 7,2 mm   Geluidsniveau 68 dB
Mandcapaciteit 30 vel   Autostop bij vastlopen Ja
Oververhittingsbeveiliging Ja   Reverse Ja
Beveiligingsniveau 1   Capaciteit documentvernietiger 5 vel
Volume mand 10l   Kleur van het product Zwart
Afmetingen (BxDxH) 152 x 254 x 317 mm   Gewicht 2,136 kg

Aanvullende Informatie

Verpakkingseenheid Nee
Papiervernietigers Type Papiervernietiger
Papiervernietigers Cut Type Stroken
Papiervernietigers Model Nr. SC
Papiervernietigers Serie Alpha
Algemeen Max. Aantal Vel 5vel
Papiervernietigers Cut Size Nee
Papiervernietigers Max. Breedte Nee
Papiervernietigers Security Level 1
Papiervernietigers Aantal Liter 10 L